What People are Saying:

Testimonials from Families at Friendship Learning Center:

“Friendship Learning Center opened their arms to our family and made us feel welcome from the very start. It makes my heart so happy to see my children’s faces light up when they see all of their teachers in the morning. The first few day that I dropped the kids off were hard on them. They were nervous and weren’t quite sure they wanted me to leave without them. The staff gave the kids a hug and started talking to them about how their day would go and it really put their minds and hearts at ease.  I am very impressed with the curriculum that FLC uses. My children are enjoying learning Spanish and sign language. They love story time and the discussions of the books that follow. I also love all the creativity that goes on. Not just through drawing and painting. There is a lot of dance and movement, story writing, and interactive play. Some of it is guided, some of it is independent.  I truly appreciate the time the teachers take to communicate with the parents. Life Cubby has been wonderful. Every day I receive photos of different activities and explanation of lesson plans. I use this communication as a prompt to talk to my kids about how their day was.” -Kenzie and Aiden’s Mommy


“What I value most from FLC is the love and compassion they show my children.  I know they are LOVED deeply by the teachers and I appreciate the fact that I can easily drop them off because I know they are being cared for how I would care for them at home.  FLC provides the environment for my children to grow and learn safely.  My oldest is around other children which has helped him tremendously with his verbal skills and I just found out that he is easily potty training because he watches the other kids do it.” -Will and Charlee’s Mommy


“Cora has benefited being a part of a group and being around different people during the day.  She is turning out to be a well adjusted little one who likes people.  She is around other babies which has helped her development and the teachers are working with her daily to improve her motor skills.  Even her doctor was impressed at her 6 month appointment.  Everyone seems to really enjoy working with children and my husband and I are very comfortable leaving Cora for the day.  We know she is well taken care of, we get updates throughout the day and my husband is able to come in and check on her if needed during the day.  We both like knowing that if we have any questions or concerns we can call and speak with the teachers in the room and even the women in the office know how she is doing during the day.” -Cora’s Mommy


About Us

Baby (12-18 Months)We are thrilled to be a part of your child’s education and eager to see the adventures they will have while at Friendship Learning Center.  Our campus was specially designed to maximize your child’s educational experience.  We offer an iPad lab for group technology skill building as well as computers and tablets in the classroom loaded with fun educational games and programs.  Our cozy corner library is a special place where children can get lost in a book and even check them out to share at home.  Each classroom has large windows to flood the rooms with natural light and specially designed learning centers to challenge and ignite your child’s passion for learning.  We also boast several private playgrounds with ample shade set to a backdrop of forest greenery.  We have a tricycle race track, swing sets, sand and water tables, playhouses and playground equipment for safe and fun outdoor exploration.  Inside the school in the common areas we have a multi-purpose room that is used as a gym, dance studio, theatre and sports center.   We have both interior and exterior surveillance systems, locked secure playground entries and a key fob identification point of entry at the front entrance.