Enrichment Programs and Extra-Curricular Activities

At Friendship we provide the facility and curriculum to make your child a well-rounded learner.  We have incorporated the following extra-curricular resources at no additional cost to give your child these opportunities:

  • Spanish:  This hands on curriculum uses stories, art projects, music and dramatic play to teach and reinforce the lessons.
    • When children learn multiple languages at a young age, they develop a life-long love of communicating with others.
    • By incorporating foreign languages into your curriculum, children develop a greater appreciation for diversity.
    • When young children learn about the structure of other languages, their ability in English is enhanced.
    • Because the brain automatically compartmentalizes each language correctly, young children have the ability to learn many languages without getting them confused.
    • ·  When children learn a second language at an early age, they will achieve a more native grasp of both grammar and pronunciation in the second language.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) is taught beginning in the infant room as a resource for older infants and toddlers to communicate as they build their verbal skills.  Toddlers love to use ASL as an additional way to express themselves as they build their verbal skills.   Below are just a few of the benefits of sign language:
    • Promotes the development of language skills
    • Reinforces language skills already developed
    • Reduces frustration at not being able to express needs
    • Increase speed of spatial reasoning development
    • Develops understanding of language for communication of emotions
    • Creates feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment!
    • May increase IQ
    • Increases creative thinking
    • Teaches a 2nd language that is formally and nationally recognized (ASL)
    • Reduces unexplainable emotional outbursts
    • Increases early literacy skills
    • Teaches baby how to start (and participate in) a conversation
  • Character Development, using our Character Critters Curriculum and Second Step Emotional Development Curriculum.  With stories about responsibility, trustworthiness, respect, caring and fairness your child is exposed to how to relate to their fellow student.
  • Education Through Movement program develops movement and music abilities while supporting the growth of academic skills. This program engages children through a movement-based active learning process that builds on children’s natural ways of learning and leads to ownership of concepts from any curriculum area. Children use their bodies, voices, and minds to bring about important cognitive-motor connections for understanding.

Facility Features

Friendship Learning Center is designed to capture your child’s imagination from the moment they step foot inside.  Whether it is our wilderness themed lobby or our expansive, shaded playgrounds your child will have every opportunity to explore the world around them!  Our philosophy of learning through play can be experienced at every turn inside of our building.

  • Our in class and specially designed iPad lab allow your child to stay in touch with the latest technological advancements.  All activities are designed to challenge and nurture your child’s passion for our every changing world.
  • Our forest foyer captivates and inspires imaginative play as an extension of the classroom.
  • Our multipurpose activity room is a great space to play and exercise during rainy days, put on plays, and play games.
  • Our 4 playgrounds offer a variety of opportunities to swing, climb, run, bike and play ball.