Knowing that your child is in caring and loving hands is so important at this age.  Our staff transcribes meticulous notes on your child’s day, so that you can know exactly how their day was.  They also read, sing and talk to your child throughout the day to ensure that they are receiving the constant stimulation that is needed at this early stage in their development.

In addition to our arts and crafts, we make sure that the emotional, cognitive and physical needs of your child are being met.   Our infant curriculum works on:

  • American Sign Language
  • Outdoor and Indoor Physical Activities
  • Tummy Time and Gross Motor Skills
  • Pre-Literacy Skills

When you come to pick up your child, you will receive a detailed daily report of how their day was.   Since they can’t tell you how their day was, we make sure you can rest easy that every day at Friendship Learning Center is A Learning and Development Experience!



With so much to do and explore, our toddlers and two year olds never stop!  At this age, each child is learning and exploring the world around them.  In addition to working on Amercian Sign Language and Pre-Literacy skills we focus on helping your child grow into being a confident learner through:

  • Small and Large Group Activities
  • Artistic Expressions
  • Character Development
  • Sensory Explorations
  • Education through Movement curriculum
  • Introduction to different technologies through our computer lab and tablet center

By creating a reassuring routine and caring atmosphere our Toddlers and Explorers discover the world around them knowing that our loving teachers are there to guide them throughout their day.  Our Toddlers and Explorers receive a Daily Sheet, to help you reinforce the lessons learned early in the day when you get home.  Experiential learning is fundamental to your child’s growth.  Our classrooms are designed to foster their imagination and creativity during this key stage in their life.



Creating Active Learners is our primary goal for our 3-5 year olds.  Our classroom is designed to give your child plenty of choices to explore and grow.  Self-discovery along with teacher guidance incorporates our whole child approach to learning by:

  • Hands-on Involvement in classroom activities
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills
  • Social and Emotional activities
  • Character Building with our Character Critters
  • Vocabulary and Sight words
  • Education Through Movement curriculum
  • Daily Computer Lab time, along with access to our Promethean Interactive Whiteboard and tablets.

We love to see children become confident and happy learners as they learn how to express themselves in the world around them.   The Daily Sheet your child receives has the specific lessons and experiences your child has had to give you a glimpse into their day.